Ms. Salazar-Laske Recognized as FCPS CARES of the Month Recipient!

March 2024 Region 1 Recipient

By FCPS Department of Human Resources
May 07, 2024

Congratulations to Ms. Salazar-Laske on her recognition as the March 2024 FCPS CARES Region 1 Recipient of the Month, presented by the FCPS Department of Human Resources.

The FCPS CARES Program allows parents, staff, and community members to recognize FCPS employees for going above and beyond to help others and show they care. We invite you to submit your story below so we can all acknowledge the good work of FCPS employees.

Below is the write-up submitted by a Herndon MS parent.

I was new to Herndon Middle as a parent and couldn't have been more welcomed by Fanny in the front office. She is a school-community liaison. Her focus is primarily on the 60% ESOL communities and our 60% free and reduced lunch communities. Her hours are long, but her caring goes beyond her 40 hours per week. She is a true representative of what FCPS "CARES" means. Her liaison with the neighboring communities I have witnessed firsthand, calling lists and lists of students' families, where the teacher is having a hard time communicating with them about a grade/event/classroom issue, helping a Spanish-speaking mother sign their child up for a field trip on time through the FCPS software platforms, or helping a mom and new student register at the school as they just arrived in the US mid-year, speaking little English with no place yet to sleep and needing help with navigating all things school, but more importantly the world and culture they have stepped into. You may think, well these are her "duties"....but she does not approach these interactions this way. She deeply cares for students and their families and the Herndon community, especially during difficult and sometimes painful times. For example, when a child comes to her and asks for food as their stomach is growling so loudly they can not even concentrate on the school day ahead, she welcomes them to the school pantry she has led, organized, and stocked. She treats everyone with respect and dignity. Her love is abundant in showing off the pantry she has purposefully stocked item by item.  She truly cares about humanity, and this is what this award is for. She is a true representative and I, the administration, the community, the PTA, and most importantly the students can not thank her enough. Her hugs are the best, and her warmth spreads throughout our school.