About Us

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Our Vision

Herndon Middle School is a community of teachers, administrators, students and parents that strive to create a rigorous academic program to meet the needs of our diverse student body. We will accomplish this goal through Collaborative Learning Teams and the use of multi-dimensional teaching methods using standards based learning and grading.

Our Mission

The mission of Herndon Middle School is to educate each student and promote their individual growth.


We Believe in Our Children

  • Each child is important and entitled to the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential.
  • High expectations promote high achievement.

We Believe in Our Teachers

  • Effective teachers are essential to student success.
  • Learning occurs best when the instruction is tailored to individual needs.

We Believe in Our Public Education System

  • Adults and children thrive in a vibrant, safe, enriching, and respectful environment.
  • A well-rounded education enables students to lead fulfilling and culturally rich lives.
  • An educated citizenry is critical to sustaining our economy and our system of self-governance.

We Believe in Our Community

  • A dynamic partnership among students, parents, teachers, staff members and the community is critical to exceptional student achievement.
  • Our diversity creates resilient, open, and innovative citizens of the global community.

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