About Us

Learn about Herndon Middle School!

As an ISTE Lighthouse School, our goal is to accelerate innovation in FCPS to improve students outcomes by developing the systems and talent needed.  

Our Vision

Herndon Middle School will foster a community of diverse and resilient learners who feel included and empowered to learn and make positive contributions to their local and global communities. 

Our Mission

At Herndon Middle School, all students are entitled to feel included, valued and respected and all students deserve equitable access to rigorous and engaging instruction. We achieve this by building and sustaining relationships with students and families in order to build lifelong confident and curious learners. We believe that all students are our students and by relying on fierce optimism and our culture of collaboration, we will ensure students can thrive academically, socially and emotionally.


All students are our students

  • We ask, “How am I keeping in mind all students?
  • We work together to achieve our vision
  • We work together to support all students, not just the ones within our classroom

Relationships are essential

  • We ask, “What conversation do I need to have most right now?” and “What conversation might I be avoiding?”
  • We engage in dialogue, not monologue
  • We seek opportunities to strengthen relationships with students, families, and each other

Rigorous instruction is for every student

  • We ask, “What does this student need in order to learn at high levels?” and answer with things within our control
  • We set high expectations for all students
  • We design instruction that encourages students to engage in higher-level thinking

Data is embraced

  • We ask, “What does this data tell us about our students’ learning and needs?” and “What data is still needed to get the full picture of a student?”
  • We act on data to influence change

We collaborate, reflect, and adapt

  • We ask, “How can we work together towards our goals?” and “What can we do to continually improve for each individual student?
  • We see the opportunities in challenges

Herndon Middle School is a part of Region 1

Fairfax County Public Schools