Herndon MS Recognized as FCPS's 2019 Best Middle School Website!

By Office of Communication and Community Relations
November 06, 2019

Congratulations to our school website and school web curator Ms. Heather Ziab. The Herndon MS website was named as the Best FCPS Middle School Website at this year's Web Curators Conference.

Below is a portion of the write-up recognizing Ms. Ziab for her award.

It would be difficult to say that you are uninformed with what is happening at Herndon Middle School. School-based technology specialist and web curator Heather Ziab makes the school announcements and events a huge focal point. With never fewer than ten, her school announcements are some of the most thorough and in all of FCPS, spotlighting such important topics as wellness screening, PTA meetings, Student Services events, and various surveys. Not to be overlooked is a beautiful slideshow that shows how the middle school SCA was in the Herndon High School homecoming parade for the first time in years and even an announcement that calls for veterans in the community who might be willing to speak on Veteran’s Day. Heather also works diligently with "The Hawkington Post" student publications department and gets the monthly student newspaper on her site as one of its features. Always up to date and consistent in language and tone, Ms. Ziab's site exudes professionalism and creates opportunities for all to be a part of the Herndon Hawk community.