SOL Retake and Appeals Permission Form

February 28, 2020

The Virginia Board of Education allows certain elementary and middle school students who fail Standards of Learning (SOL) test on their first attempt to retake the test before the end of the school year. Retesting is available when a student failed his or her first attempt by a narrow margin (scored of 375-399, with a score of 400 needed to pass). Schools can also appeal scores below 375 when there is evidence of a discrepancy between a student’s SOL score and his or her performance in the course.

Parent permission is required for any retesting and appeals of the grade level tests listed below. If you believe that your child would benefit from receiving a second opportunity before the end of the school year to demonstrate his or her knowledge and skills on the SOL test, please complete this permission form and return it to our child’s school. A decision not to retest will not in any way impact your child’s course grade or academic record.