Digital Citizenship Week 2018-19

October 10, 2018

Digital Citizenship Week 2018-19 

Building a Culture of Shared Responsibility Every Student, Every Teacher, Every Parent, Every Day

Digital Citizenship Week is coming October 15th – 19th! This year’s focus is on Building a Culture of Shared Responsibility. Each day during the week, schools and parents/caregivers can take simple steps to get in sync and partner together to educate and support students with digital life.

Below, you’ll find materials for both home and school for the week. Monday through Wednesday offers complementary activities and conversations that can begin at school and extend into the home. On Thursday and Friday, instructional staff and parents are provided the same simple strategies that can be used at home and at school to support students. A common message from trusted adults has a big impact on kids!

We hope Digital Citizenship Week will spark some educationally valuable conversations that can be promoted and supported all year long, by both parents and teaching staff.

a graphic of a child standing in front of two road signs with various technology icons floating in the air in front of him. Also a link and #FCPSDigCit

FCPS Digital Citizenship Public Website: