ABCs of Herndon Middle School

Ever feel so overwhelmed or confused with all the acronyms and information presented in our school? Take a look at our ABCs of Herndon Middle School live document. Links are attached to help answer all those questions you have.

A is for Attendance, Art, “Away for the Day” (devices), Assemblies, and Academic Career Plans.

B is for Block & Bell Scheduling, Band, Buses and BlackBoard (This website contains class pages for teachers and class materials).

C is for Computers, Chorus, Counselors, Cafeteria, Character Cards, free Fairfax County Commuter Bus Passes, and Clothing Closet.

D is for Diversity, Departments and D lunch. There are 3 other lunches (A,B,C) as well. Lunches are during periods 4 and 6.

E is for Even Days, Early Mornings, and Equity.

F is for Friends, FACS and Finance Park (8th grade field trip).

G is for Grades. These are accessible in SIS StudentVUE and ParentVUE and Google Classroom.

H is for HAWKS and Hawk Time (period 10 on your schedule– structured study time).

I is for Instagram @HMS_Counselors, Inclusion, and Incentives.

J is for Juggling (multi-taking) and Jump Start (summer program for rising 7th graders).

K is for “Kiss and Ride” (pick up location is at the back of the school– Door 6) and Keeping it Real.

L is for Library. The library is open from 7:30-2:35 most days.

M is for Mentoring, Mindfulness, Making it Happen, and the Minute Bell (warning bell before class starts) and My School Bucks (on-line account for school purchases)

N is for Night Hawk (after school program), Naviance (website with resources for academic career plans and colleges and careers), and No Tardy Parties.

O is for Orchestra, Odd Days, and #OTHERPEOPLEMATTER.

P is for the Positivity Project (P2), Pep Rallies, and PE Uniforms.

Q is for Quarters (our grading year is split into four quarters) and Quotes to live and learn by.

R is for the Resource Wing (area of the school where support staff is available) and Report Cards.

S is for Student Services (which includes a School Social Worker and School Psychologist), SIS ParentVUE, Schedules, SOLs (state testing) Semester Electives and Student Government.

T is for Tech, Theater, Time Management and Transition Time (there are 5 minutes between class periods).

U is for Unity Time (period 8 on your schedule– Positivity Project Lessons) and User ID.

V is for Virtual Learning and Volunteering (opportunities are available throughout the school year).

W is for Words Matter and World Languages.

X is for X2VOL (website accessible by BlackBoard that stores volunteer hours).

Y is for Yearbooks!

Z is for Zest (a P2 trait that displays great enthusiasm and energy).